Stavanger Seventh-Day Adventist Church

You are most welcome to our church!

If you are an English speaker and looking for a congregation to worship with, we can offer you an English  translation service of our main Sabbath (Saturday) morning service. There are several non-Norwegians  attending our church. They cover several languages in addition to English. These include German and Polish amongst others (translation service not guaranteed).

Every Saturday (with some exceptions please see below) we meet for Bible studies at 10:00 AM and Divine worship at 11:15 AM.

After the main service we sometimes meet for  a potluck meal. The church members will bring along some vegetarian food for sharing amongst themselves and guests.

We look forward to sharing your fellowship.

For direct contact with our pastoral team please find information on the “Kontakt Oss” webpage.

Please note

On the first Saturday of every second month we travel to our neighbouring town, Sandnes, to celebrate and worship together in the Adventist church there. These dates allocated for this, in the near future, are December 14 and January 4.

Sandnes Adventist Church is located at Vatneliveien 81, 4309 Sandnes.